Art Vista

Co-LEAD HEAD Docents:

Agnieszka Jaskierny

Christine Li



​​Help bring the love of art to your child's class! No art experience is necessary - training will be provided for you by the Art Vistas program leads! Docents will attend grade-specific training twice during the year (fall and winter) at Dartmouth Middle School. The fall training will include an introduction to being an Art Vistas docent for those new to the program. You will help to bring six lessons per year to your child’s class - each lesson includes a scripted presentation of art concepts and prints followed by a fun hands-on project. All of the art supplies are prepped and provided for you. Learn more about Art Vistas at Alta Vista.
Learn more about Art Vistas at Alta Vista.

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Brandie Samaripa


Gomathi Krishnan



There are two clay projects each year per class. Each clay project is two sessions (one to sculpt, shape, or roll the clay and another one to glaze). Clay leads handle firing the clay pieces in the on campus kiln. Click here for additional clay information.

mileage club


Chair: Lauren Jewell

Mileage Club is non-competitive outdoor running/walking activity for kids from 1st grade to 5th grade. It is an excellent way to encourage children to:

  • remain active during lunch recess
  • set and strive to achieve goals
  • build confidence


  • Mileage Club will be held at school field on Mondays and Fridays during the lunch break throughout the year (weather permitting) 
  • Parent volunteers are always assisting the children at Mileage Club
  • Once the child has completed a certain amount of laps he/she will be awarded with a charm/token and will also be invited to join us for a party (we will arrange a party 2-3 times during the school year). Click here for more Mileage Club information.


Birthday BooksPicture

Coordinator: Narineh Smith


Celebrate your Child’s Birthday with AN Alta Vista Birthday Book

Families can celebrate their child’s birthday by donating to the Alta Vista Library in their child’s honor!

We can choose a book based on your child’s age and interests or you can pick out a specific book that your child loves. Once chosen, a commemorative bookplate with your child's name will be placed in the book and it will be checked out to your child during their weekly library visit around his/her birthday. Summer birthdays can be celebrated any time of year.

Scan to Donate a Birthday Book to the Alta Vista Library


project cornerstone

Chair: ​Kelsey Combellick

Project Cornerstone — Country Lane HSC
Project cornerstone helps teach life skills and tools to deal with social conflicts and bullying. This program uses children's literature as a jumping off point for discussions and activities about feelings, experiences and concerns around social interactions. This year, the lessons will be pre-recorded and made available online. To see what we've talked about this year, see our Cornerstone Corner.


dad's Club


Coordinator: ​Ryan Greco


Who We Are 
We are fathers of children at Alta Vista Elementary School who want to be involved with the school community.  Our members have a wide variety of skills and abilities; some folks are great at fixing things and some are great at helping with events.  We value everyone’s talents.


 What We Do
The club has three main objectives:


  1. Assist in enrichment events. We pitch in to run or assist with school events such as: Movie Night, the Art Show, Walk-a-thon, Fantasy Faire, fifth grade graduation, Olympic Day and Donuts with Dad’s.

  2. Help the school.  We help fix things that need fixing, host clean-up and repair days at the school, and generally lend a hand.

  3. Encourage involvement, meet other parents, and network.  Besides the two annual events, we normally gather after school events to celebrate. One of the best benefits of being part of the club is getting to know your fellow parents and neighbors.  

When/Where We Meet
During the school year we meet twice, once in the fall and once in the spring at a local venue.
How to Join
You can sign up in MTK in the volunteer toolkit under your teacher's name and under "Dad's Club"  


garden club

Coordinator: John Van Kirk & Mari Jozaki

polocoach@gmail.com & mari.nagaoka@gmail.com
The Garden Club is open to students, who would like to meet at lunchtime on designated days out in the garden.  Under the supervision of a teacher or a parent volunteer, students help maintain the garden, learn about a variety of plants and trees, and help with weeding, planting, and harvesting.  Click here to learn more about our upcoming garden activities!


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hospitality committee

Coordinator: Asma Ghori


The Hospitality committee provides decorations, food, and beverages for teacher appreciation, Back-to-School, and other special events.


room parent coordinator

Coordinator: Gomathi Krishnan


Room parent volunteers act as a liaison between the teacher and the parents. They maintain a class roster, communicate with the parents about class and HSC updates and online events, organize class activities if needed by the teacher, teacher appreciation , and help recruit classroom volunteers, as needed by the teachers.





Coordinator: Darshita Patel


Kids (and parents) relive special moments throughout the year with the help of our yearbook.

Details on how to order will be posted later in the year. Order your  yearbooks here.



drama clubDrama Club to Perform December 3rd & 4th - Ravenna City Schools - Ohio

Director : Lisa Merkel
Producer: Duygu Aykol


The Alta Vista Drama Club is an inclusive and supportive environment for students to develop performance skills. All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are welcome to join!   Drama Club is a place where all students will be accepted and respected. In theatre we encourage individuality and creativity! Over the course of this year drama club students will learn about musical theatre and will participate in an exciting production. We believe theatre is a great way to empower our children to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new and have a TON of FUN along the way!

We are looking for two more producers for the 2023-24 school year.
Please email us at the address below if you are interested.
We'd love to have you on our team!