Corporate Matched Donations Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is corporate or company match?


A: Your employee may match any donations that you make to your child's school. You will need to check with your employer to verify that they participate in corporate/company matching. Here are a few local companies that participate but this is not a complete list: 


·   Apple ·   SAP ·   LinkedIn ·   Dell Technologies
·   Google ·   HP ·   Microsoft ·   Thermo Fisher
·   Intel ·   NVIDIA ·   PayPal  
·   Netflix ·   Genentech ·   Applied Materials  



Q: How do I make a donation utilizing company match?


A: Every company handles company matching differently.  The first step is to contact the appropriate person or organization in your company to determine the correct process. Some companies will require you to make a donation through our MTK website and submit a company match request separately. Other companies will have an internal process where you will need to submit your donation through the company and the company matches it and sends both donations to the school. 


Q: I submitted my donation through my company. When will you receive it? 


A: Company match donations can take awhile to process depending on the company. On average it will take several weeks before we receive the funds. 


Q: If my donation can take several weeks, how do I ensure my child gets credit for the donation prior to the CAGE deadline?


A: Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing that you have made a donation unless you contact us directly. Please fill out this Company Match Google Form.  As long as this form is submitted to us prior to the deadline, you will receive credit towards any prizes.


Q: My company match request was denied. What do I do now?


A: You will need to work with your company to determine why the request was rejected. However, in most cases it is because you have not provided documentation proving you are not receiving goods or services for this donation. If this is the case, please print out the  Tax Donation form and submit it through your company. **Please note that some companies have deadlines in re-submitting your company match request after it has been denied. 

Q: Since my company matched my donation, can I qualify for higher level membership or prizes?


A: No, unfortunately. Your personal portion of the donation is what qualifies you for each member level. It will also not qualify you for higher level prizes for our C.A.G.E. Drive or Walkathon. It is very difficult for us to track everyone's matched amounts. However, we greatly appreciate your matched funds.

Q: Can I donate on behalf of one child and use my company matched funds and apply it to my other child?


A: Unfortunately no. Because of the way company match funds are processed it does not get linked to a specific child in our system the way it does in Membership Toolkit (MTK). So, if you would like all your children to get credit for a donation you would need to submit a donation for each child. 


Q: If I have a child that is attending 5th grade science camp, can I have my company match be applied towards my science camp tuition?


A: Unfortunately no. Only your initial portion of the funds will be applied towards the science camp tuition, not the matched portion provided by your company/employer. For example, if science camp is $400 and you donate $200 and your employer matched $200, the tuition would not be paid in full. Your remaining balance would be $200.