AVHSC Online Auction

2024 Auction



Thank you to everyone who participating in our 2024 Online Auction!


We raised over $27,000 dollars this year!



Thank you to all of the Alta Vista staff, families, and friends, and local businesses that donated!


School Experiences:

  • Alta Vista Principal: Mrs. Bailey
  • Teacher Adventures: Ms. O'Brien, Mrs. Barbara, Mrs. Grist, Mrs. Pugliese, Mrs. Arrieta, Mrs. Bergman, Ms. Tucker, Mrs. Yates, Ms. Harrington, Mrs. Landolt, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Sridharan, Miss Soraya, Mrs. Boynton, Mrs. Kimber, Ms. Malave, Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Hamamjy, Mrs. Tripathi, Mrs. Walton, Mr. Lueck, Mrs. Standridge and Mrs. Yu
  • UMS Principal: Mr. Feinberg
  • Leigh Highschool Cheer team and Sports Boosters
  • Alta Vista Drama Club: Lisa Merkel

Alta Vista Friends and Family Donations:

  • Alta Vista Grade Level Baskets: TK-5th grade Families
  • Christy Li 
  • The Brasil Family
  • The Caviglia Family
  • The Heintz Family
  • The Hupman Family
  • The Iverson Family
  • The Wall Family 
  • The Zampella family
  • The Potenza Family


Family Donated Events:

  • Lauren Jewell and Jorge Martinez
  • Claire and Anil Kalia 
  • Ellen Pierpoint
  • The Meyer & Wall Families


Local Businesses: